SMS EasyReader&Printer

SMS easy Reader & Printer ver. 5.1

The first SMS management app in the world for all smartphones!

SMS EasyReader&Printer is a free online application for uploading and supporting sms.vmsg files from all iPhone mobile devices with   iOS   and all Microsoft Lumia • Nokia Lumia • HTC • Samsung • Sony • LG • Motorola • Huawei • Lenovo • Acer • Asus • Alcatel • ZTE • Gigabyte smartphones with   Windows Phone   and   Android   OS systems.

You can now manage and print all of your selected SMS messages quickly and easily from one place.
You can also generate chat conversation or clean all SPAM text messages from your inbox very fast.

The website and app perform best on devices with big screens, such as laptops, PC, tablets.

SMS Easy R&P
Free Speed PRO
Fast working app & website No Yes
Support large sms.vmsg files up to 20Mb No Yes
Save SMSes to VMSG file No Yes
e-Mail SMS 30% 100%
SMS chat 30% 100%
Adverts Yes No
Display screen 8,2" 9,9"
SMS pagination list No Yes
Individual link with access 24/7 IP protected No Yes
One-time payment x Yes
Price x 9.99 USD
Online demo x
BUY NOW SpeedPRO with any Credit Card, PayPal or Yandex.Money
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Calling Silicon Valley 🙂
Silicon Valley

To all major league tech entrepreneurs,

Stop whatever you were doing right now and take a closer look at our ground-breaking SMS EasyReader&Printer web and desktop solutions.

This unique new app is the first in the world to provide easy access to your SMS messages, bringing useful new functionality to every-day users and an important new tool in the field of litigation.

We don’t want to keep this exciting development to ourselves!

We’d be delighted to discuss any potential collaboration or purchase of our SMS EasyReader&Printer free web solution, SMS EasyExporter for iOS, SMS EasyExporter app for Android OS, SMS EasyReader&Printer SpeedPRO web solution, and SMS EasyReader&Printer PC PRO solution.

This is hot property 🙂
Drop me a line and let’s take this all the way to Wall Street!

Kind regards,
Jacek Lipski, M.Sc.
Visionary small entrepreneur • Business mentor for SMEs • Freelancer

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iOSWindows PhoneAndroid
Smartphones iOS, Windows Phone, Android
How does it work?


text messages from
your iPhone

Download and install on your PC with Ms.Windows our free software SMS EasyExporter for iOS.

You have two choices:

If you have iTunes environment from Apple already installed on your PC then download compact SMS EasyExporter for iOS.

If you don’t know or don’t have iTunes installed on your PC then download full SMS EasyExporter for iOS (64bit) or download full SMS EasyExporter for iOS (32bit).

Software requirements:
Microsoft Windows 7 or higher ◦ 500Mb RAM ◦ 2GHz CPU

Need support?
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You can also ask a question in section Question&Answers and get fast online support.

Go to step ② CONNECT USB


text messages from
your smartphone

Windows Phone
Export SMS text messages to a sms.vmsg file on an SD card using the standard embedded application on a Microsoft Windows Phone – Transfer My Data or download and install the free Transfer My Data Microsoft Lumia Microsoft app.

How to transfer your SMS
step-by-step. Eksport wiadomości SMS krok-po-kroku.

Need support?
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You can also ask a question in section Question&Answers and get fast online support.

Go to step ② CONNECT USB


text messages from
your smartphone

Export SMS text messages to a sms_android.vmsg file using our SMS EasyExporter free app for Android OS
Google Play
or download and unzip file, copy two files to your smartphone, run the SMS EasyExporter.apk file and install SMS EasyExporter for Android OS our free app on your smartphone with Android OS.

Need support?
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You can also ask a question in section Question&Answers and get fast online support.

Go to step ② CONNECT USB


to PC using a standard USB cable

Connect your smartphone to your PC. To view SD card items on your smartphone, connect your smartphone to a computer with a compatible USB cable.

Go to step ③ UPLOAD FILE


to SMS EasyReader&Printer

iOS » press the button Transfer all SMSes to your PC, wait few sec and find the sms_iphone.vmsg file on your Microsoft Windows desktop or in recent download folder.

Windows Phone OS » find the sms.vmsg file on your smartphone’s SD card in the /backup/Data/… directory.

Android OS » find the sms_android.vmsg file probably in the …/storage/emulated/0/ directory.

Upload the *.vmsg to SMS EasyReader&Printer using the UPLOAD SMS FILE button.


text messages with SMS EasyReader&Printer

READ • SEARCH • SELECT • GENERATE CHATS • DELETE • CLEAN SPAMS • SAVE and PRINT your SMS text messages using the buttons on the left-hand side.


text messages with SMS EasyReader&Printer

Print all or selected SMS text messages to your local printer.


delete your SMS messages

Press the FINISH/DELETE SMS button to permanently remove all your SMS text message data from the SMS EasyReader&Printer online database.

Supports Smartphones & OS

SMS EasyReader&Printer supports all iPhones 3G/3GS • 4/4S • 5/5C/5S • 6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus • 7/7 Plus with iOS. All smartphones Microsoft Lumia • Nokia Lumia • HTC Desire • HTC One • Samsung Galaxy • Sony Xperia • LG G • LG Nexus • Motorola Moto G • Huawei P • Huawei Honor • Lenovo Vibe • Lenovo A • Acer Liquid • Acer Iconia • Asus Zenfone • Alcatel Flash • Alcatel Idol • Alcatel Pop • Alcatel Pixi • ZTE Blade • ZTE Nubia • ZTE Axon • Gigabyte Gsmart with Microsoft Windows Phone and Google Android OS.


You don’t pay for usage
SMS EasyReader&Printer is free.

We would appreciate any and all donations. Thank you 🙂


Are you getting a divorce? Are you a victim of stalking? Do you suspect that your husband or wife is cheating on you?

Use our free SMS EasyReader&Printer and easily print your SMS message evidence for the Court or Police.

Do you want a fast and easy way to clean up thousands of your old SMS messages?


Your SMS text messages are safe and confidential

We don’t collect and store your SMS data.
You can easily delete your uploaded SMS text messages.


use of apps


supported SMS


printed SMS

Our real stats since August 2016 🙂

This is the short story of an innovative idea I had for a very useful application, the

SMS EasyReader&Printer.

In May 2016, I was working on a formal submission to the law courts here in Poland. I had stored all the evidence that I wanted to present to the court on my Microsoft Lumia smartphone as SMS text messages.

I didn’t have the time or inclination to rewrite all of my 25 SMS messages into the submission paperwork, so I started to search the Internet for any software or any other online solution that could help me. I spent two long days searching for ways to easily print my selected SMS messages from my Lumia smartphone to standard A4 paper. But I couldn’t find any helpful software or online applications.
So after all that work, I had to spend several hours rewriting my 25 SMS messages by hand!

Now I hope that my free online app, SMS EasyReader&Printer, will help you!
It is your time-saving and stress-free solution.

Donations will help future development of my SMS EasyReader&Printer.
Any contributions would be greatly appreciated.

All the best,
Jacek Lipski, M.Sc.

Visionary small entrepreneur • Business mentor for SMEs • Freelancer

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