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10 TOP best apps <2021> to transfer and print SMS text messages from Android πŸ’¬


10 TOP best apps <2021> to transfer and print SMS text messages from Android πŸ’¬

25.04.19 - 

Best apps to print SMS from Android

Have you lost all your important SMS because of a malware attack on your phone? Or you accidentally deleted your messages? There were a few messages that you need for your business purpose, but now all have lost πŸ™ If you faced such a problem and want to avoid such an issue in the future, then it’s good to install the print SMS text messages from Android app.

SMS EasyReader&PrinterThe SMS Easy Reader & Printer is an online application for uploading and supporting different types of XML β€’ MSG β€’ VMSG β€’ VMG β€’ CSV β€’ TXT file formats transferred from all smartphones with Android, Windows Phone and iOS. With SMS EasyReader&Printer you can easily READ β€’ MANAGE β€’ SEARCH β€’ SELECT β€’ GENERATE CHATS β€’ VIEW STATISTICS β€’ DELETE β€’ CLEAN SPAM β€’ EMAIL SMS TEXT MESSAGES β€’ SAVE and PRINT your SMSs and MMSs (*.JPG,PNG and GIF files) from all types of smartphones and iPhones. The SMS EasyReader&Printer’s full version is the first SMS and MMS management app in the world for all smartphones!

You will find a lot of apps for keeping a backup of SMSs for your Android systems. Although not all are reliable, some work best but stop without any reason. You can download the one with good reviews and keep the backup of SMSs and restore them when deleted or change your phone.

If you don’t want to search the Internet anymore, then you can use our free SMS EasyExporter for Android OS app for Android 4.x β€’ 5.x β€’ 6.x β€’ 7.x β€’ 8.x β€’ 9.x β€’ 10.x OS.
Download and install the SMS EasyExporter for Android directly onto your smartphone with Android:

The SMS EasyExporter for Android is a simple and free app which has no commercials and works with Android 4.x β€’ 5.x β€’ 6.x β€’ 7.x β€’ 8.x β€’ 9.x β€’ 10.x OS.

Moreover, the apps are ideal even if you lost your phone or take its possession; you don’t need to worry. Perhaps, if the thief has deleted your account, still you can recover your SMS data through these apps. These are easy file storage solutions, and you get robust and encrypted cloud backup services.
If you want to install an SMS backup app or look for a high rated tool to print SMS from Android, we have listed the top 10 apps used for this purpose. Let’s read about each app and its description, so you can decide to install one that suits your SMS backup keeping needs.

How to print SMS from Android?

This is a simple way to save your messages and get prints of them. If you want to do this process quickly and want to save your time, then it’s good to install the app. For your convenience, we have listed here the ten best apps for SMS transferring and printing. Quickly install any of these, check the compatibility with the printer, and send the command. It will take just a few minutes to complete the action and get the paper having messages printed over it.

1  SMS Easy Exporter for Android πŸ’¬

App developer: SMS EasyReader&Printer
Offers in-app purchases: free
Contains Ads: no

SMS EasyExporter for Android

The SMS EasyExporter for Android OS is a simple and free app which has no commercials and works with Android 4.x β€’ 5.x β€’ 6.x β€’ 7.x β€’ 8.x β€’ 9.x β€’ 10.x OS.
Download and install the SMS EasyExporter for Android OS directly onto your smartphone with Android:


2  Print Text Messages (Backup, Restore & Print)

App developer: App Developers Ltd
Offers in-app purchases: from 4,99 USD for each item
Contains Ads: Yes
Google Play rating: 2,7 [Feb. 2021]

App Developers Ltd

One of working app for printing and restoring SMS is Print Text Messages. The app allows for printing SMS from Android. It will enable you easily and quickly manage the text messages on your smartphone. The app is a good choice for the Android user because of the following salient features:
βœ”  Text message backup
It works by taking a copy of the messages on your phone or tablet. After that, it converts them to an XML backup file for safely keeping Email or store files in the cloud.
βœ”  Text messages restoration
It is an excellent feature a small your SMS can be restored to your new device. It copies the message from the previously created backup file and then inserts them back on your device. This is the best way to transfer the data to a new phone or tablet.
βœ”  Text message printing
Do you want to print your SMS? Then this app is the perfect option. You have to select a single conversation from the messages. Then convert it into a PDF to print or email it. Moreover, you can directly print the SMS from your phone by connecting to the cloud printer.
By using this feature, you can print the particular messages you need. It is best to print text messages from a single conversation. For this open the date range feature and take a print of specific messages.
βœ”  Benefits of date range
It is an ideal characteristic for those who need proof of some messages for legal matters or resolves company matters. One can get the printed date stamps along with the sender number in the messages printed. You can use the file in law enforcement cases or other company’s affairs.

How to use it?
It is very easy to use this app. It is free and only needs one-time up-gradation. Once you install, you can utilize its features. When you download it, you open the main page. Here you get the following options:
βœ”  Backup messages
βœ”  Restore messages
βœ”  Print conversations
βœ”  Print date range
βœ”  User guideline
Click any of these options to do the required task.
Before you do it, you have to enter an email, so the app gets connected with your Google account.
After that perform the action, get SMS backup or save the pdf copy of the message to take a print.

Point to ponder:
The app works with regular SMS but does not support advanced or RCS messaging.

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3  SMS Backup and Restore Pro

App developer: SyncTech Pty Ltd
Offers in-app purchases: from 4,49 USD for each item
Contains Ads: Yes
Google Play rating: 4,1 [Feb. 2021]

SyncTech Pty Ltd

One of the top-rated apps that is the choice of the most useful is the SMS Backup and Restore Pro app. It keeps the backup of MMS and SMS. Moreover, it also keeps a copy of the call log that is currently available on your device. Furthermore, the app supports the feature to restore messages and call logs already present in existing backups. You can print SMS text messages from Android and restore the messages via this app. Few salient features that make this app choice of most users include:

SMS backup features
The app help user to keep Backup of the MMS, call log and messages in the XM format. It makes a backup from a local device by automatically uploading to Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive. Moreover, you can select the time to create an automatic backup of SMS or MMS messages.
There is an available option of selecting the conversation for restoration and Backup, which means you can pick particular messages to create the backup or restore them. You can view or drill the files you already stored through the backup app.
Suppose you want to find some file. Simply type the keyword on the search, and it will locate the message that you are hunting for.

Transferring messages to other devices
Another outstanding feature of the app is that you can transfer or restore the message to another device. It is because the backup format is independent of the Android version. Therefore, it is easy to share the messages and logs from one device to another. The best thing is that it moves without the restriction of the Android version.
File transferring is quick and convenient. Ensure your WiFi connection is fast, so use WiFi direct and shift the messages from one device to another.

Benefits of app
This is a great app as it frees up your phone from the overcrowding of messages. Once you create a backup of all news, you can delete all messages with confidence as your messages are save now.

Email and printing option
You can email all your messages and then take a print of these SMS.

How to use it?
To avail the benefits of the app, you have to keep in mind that your phone stage card must have enough space to keep the backup file on the SD card.
The app work by automatically keeping a backup of messages. When you start the app, it creates the scheduled Backup. If you want to complete the procedure smoothly, then increase the sleep times. Because if your phone goes to sleep mode, the app will stop the restoration progress.
You can start the backup process manually. For this open, the app and tap on the file backup or restoration icon. Choose the SMS and done.
Moreover, you can upload the files and then take print to keep the SMS proof in your files.

Point to ponder:
βœ”  The app works best with Android 5.0 and above
βœ”  App restores the messages that are created y app itself
βœ”  It creates backup locally on the phone by default. You can upload on Google Drive, One drive, Email, and dropbox
βœ”  You have to copy the backup file in case you don’t upload it. It is essential if you accidentally do a factory reset you will lose all files. Therefore, it is good to upload to prevent yourself from accidental removal of the backup file
βœ”  The app needs the existing backups to restore the messages and call logs. It will not recover if there will be no current backups. It supports the Advanced messages RCS only with Google messages

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4  SMS Backup, Print & Restore – Export PDF β€’ HTML β€’ CSV

App developer: GilApps
Offers in-app purchases: from 8,49 USD for each item
Contains Ads: Yes
Google Play rating: 4,5 [Feb. 2021]


If you are looking for the solution for query how to print SMS from Android, then the SMS backup, print and restore app is the best option. It was previously known as SMS share 2. But the new version has a new name. It is a must-have app for every smartphone as it helps create the backups of MMS, RCS, and MMS. Moreover, you can share using Email and social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other phone sharing apps.
Furthermore, you can use the files for storing on your desktop or make a backup in the cloud. It will help you to use these files in the future. You can restore or print them.

How does it work?
SMS backup, print and restore app offers multiple features, and it helps in keeping all your messages data secure. It works by following ways:
βœ”  Backup and restoration of message
Once you create a backup, you can send the XML format file to an email. You can open your inbox and restore all your files. Open in your current device or on your new phone.
βœ”  MMS and SMS backup printing
You can print the messages directly from your phone or share the backup file on your desktop through Email. Open in your Pc and print that file.

Benefits of the app:
The app offers man advantage to the users. You can do the following things:
βœ”  It restores and Backup both type of messages that ais text and multimedia
βœ”  Supports advanced messages and RCS
βœ”  Also, support emojis
βœ”  Sow preview of TXT and PDF files
βœ”  It supports contact sharing like hCard, jCard, vCard and X card
βœ”  Also support the calender event sharing like Todos, Journal, and Events- Vocal

Pro version of the SMS backup, print and restore app is also available. The salient features include:

SMS backup, print and restore are much faster as compared to the free version. In the free version, you can make a backup of 6 messages at one time. In contrast, the pro version allows the creation of Backup of all notes at one time.

It supports different formats like PDF, HTML, JPG, and CSV. You can export all your conversations to files and save them in your file storage.
You can use these files as an attachment and share them through multiple sharing apps. All files are restorable. It means you can retrieve it back on your device.
βœ”  PDF file
You can print your SMS messages via a PFD file. Ope it in acrobat reader and click on the print option to get the hard copy. The app creates a beautiful and well-aligned designed PDF having text and graphics.
βœ”  HTML file
You can open the compact file in a web browser. It is the best option to print long files, mostly when PDF does not work correctly.
βœ”  CSV file
For data manipulation and analysis, you can keep backup in CSV format. It opens the messages in Google or Excel sheets and converts SMS to well-organized forms.
βœ”  Image files
It is ideal for sharing conversations with friends via Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter.
It support image file in *.png, *.jpg and *.webp photo file format.
βœ”  Fully customizable
It allows you to colour, customize or tweak the conversations, so you get the perfect results.

Point to ponder:
The Pro version supports too many features, but it’s expensive.

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5  SMS Backup+

App developer: Jan Berkel
Offers in-app purchases: 1,49 USD – 9,99 USD for each item
Contains Ads: Yes
Google Play rating: 4,1 [Feb. 2021]

Jan Berkel

SMS backup+ is another app through which you can print SMS from Android. It can automatically backup your MMS, SMS, and call history in Google calendar and Gmail. Moreover, you can restore your data to your phone or the new device. It is a beautiful app to get back your messages on the new device.
You have to enable in Gmail the IMAP manually. You can sue your server for backups and have full control over your data. The best thing about the app is that it is an open-source project free of tracking and ad-free. It can forward the SMS to your PC or your phone automatically.

Salient features of SMS Backup+ app:
βœ”  It allows the cross-device synchronization or transfer of SMS. You can sync the text in different devices that is between the laptop and phone
βœ”  It allows the transfer of SMS to other PC or phone
βœ”  Support the transferred SMS history
βœ”  Support the ability to transfer incoming or outgoing SMS
βœ”  Support the rules to forward messages by source address or keywords
βœ”  You can send SMS by Email to specified UR, in ICQ, Telegram, Viber, or any other related source
through this app
βœ”  It can specify the SMS contact list to whom you want to send mail or to send to another phone
βœ”  Has the ability to specify the text rules for SMS to be sent to other phone or via mail
βœ”  Ability to send the outgoing or incoming SMS

How does it work?
To utilize the feature of the SMS Backup+ app after installing you will find the following options. These include:
βœ”  Backup SMS
βœ”  Backup MMS
βœ”  Backup call log settings

You can tap on any icon to create a backup of a particular section and restore it when you want. You can send the file to Gmail. Where you can open and take a print of SMS. You can open the mail on your PC or phone to restore your data or image to get the hard copy.

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6  PrinterShare Mobile Print

App developer: Mobile Dynamix
Offers in-app purchases: 1,89 PLN – 16,99 PLN for each item
Contains Ads: ?
Google Play rating: 4,1 [Feb. 2021]

Mobile Dynamix

PrinterShare Mobile Print allows you direct printing from the Android phone or tablet. You can connect your phone to any printer via this app and get photographs of mesas, emails, documents, bills, invoices, web pages, and much more. It is an easy to use app that makes printing convenient and easy. You can send a command to any printer and get a hard copy of the messages you want to secure.
Some salient features of the app that makes it best to use for print SMS text messages from Android are printing images and photos in any format like PNG, GIF, and JPG. You can print emails and attachments in formats like TXT, PPT, XLS, DOC, and PDF. Moreover, it supports the HTML files that include the contacts, schedule, and web pages. You can also print the digital content from the cloud, device memory, Dropbox, and other such apps. Moreover, the app allows the printing of text messages for legal matters or trial.

What’s unique about the app?
The app allows the printing of the UPS shipping labels directly from the browser on your Android device. For this, you have to connect the thermal printers. Log into the UPS website. Moreover, just like on desktop you can configure different printing options such as page orientation, paper size, paper range, one or two-sided printing, colour, monochrome, print quality, media tray, and more.

More features of the free version:
βœ”  The free version of the app also supports the following features
βœ”  You can print via wireless connectivity like WiFi or Bluetooth. Moreover, connect the USB TG connected printers
βœ”  Print on Mac shared, or Windows shared printers
βœ”  Features included in the premium version
βœ”  Direct printing via WiFi or Bluetooth without restriction
βœ”  Unlimited remote printing. No need to buy pages or subscribe
βœ”  Support different printers such as Canon, Kodak, HP. Samsung, Dell Kyocera, KA, and others that include the legacy networkable

How does it work?
βœ”  First, create the backup of your messages and sore file in PDF format
βœ”  Then click on the printing icon by opening the PrintShare app
βœ”  Now connect with your printer and send printing command
βœ”  Done
You will get a hard copy of your messages.

Point to ponder:
If you find some featured Locked in the free version, you have to use the premium version to utilize all features of the PrintShare app. Moreover, check the compatibility of the printer before using the app.

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7  PrintHand Mobile Print Premium

App developer: PrintHand
Offers in-app purchases: 9,00 USD – 9,95 USD for each item
Contains Ads: ?
Google Play rating: 4,1 [Feb. 2021]


Another app to fulfil your SMS printing requirement is the PrintHand Mobile Print Premium app. You can print directly from your phone or tablet by connecting to USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi. No need to connect to the computer but the Direct mobile scanning will allow you to print the required document.
PrintHand Mobile Print Premium is the premium app, and the free version will not work if you want to print the real pages. Previously app removes the message printing options, but now you can again print and utilize the printing app’s benefit. The app is terrific to print SMS text messages from Android. The other salient features include:
βœ”  Printing of the following type of content
βœ”  Documents including Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, and MS word
βœ”  Poplar file types and text files
βœ”  Photos and images
βœ”  Web pages, emails, and attachments
βœ”  Events from calneder app
βœ”  Contacts
βœ”  Google Drive content
βœ”  Facebook Albums

Files from dropbox, box, OneDrive, creative cloud, SugarSync, Evernote, and content shared from other apps.
The app supports the print to Mac or Windows shared printers, domain, active directory, and domain. You can print via USB cable, photo to Google cloud. You can connect with any printer and get hard copies of the required documents.
To utilize the app’s features, you must have WiFi direct printer or WiFi route, Bluetooth support, USB if you don’t have USB OTG. It supports the USB host mode and Google cloud print.

How does it work?
If you want to print SMS, then first create the backup and make a PDF file.
βœ”  Then open the app and detect the printer. You can do this procedure by the configuration process
βœ”  Scan the document directly and tap on the Print option
βœ”  You can try free page printing in the free app, but you need to download the premium version of the app for real page printing

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8  EZ SMS Backup and Restore: Recover Deleted Message

App developer: Roadster Apps
Offers in-app purchases: 2,99 USD – 10,99 USD for each item
Contains Ads: Yes
Google Play rating: 3,7 [Feb. 2021]

Roadster Apps

If you want to keep your messages secured and don’t want to delete lose them in accidental deletion, you should have the EZ SMS backup and restoration app. You can keep the backup of your messages and convert it to PDF to print your important messages. If you want to know how to print SMS from Android, then you can follow the simple procedure to do this step. You can create the backup file of your message and send this file to an email. Here you can directly print the letters and safe for later use.

How does it work?
EZ SMS Backup and Restore: Recover Deleted Message is a reliable app. It saves you from an awkward situation and keeps the SMS secure in the file. Moreover, it helps in the recovery of the SMS assistant. It is easy to use, and the SMS tracker app is quick. You can recover back your lost file within seconds. It transfers messages backup through the backup assistant feature available in this app.

Deleted SMS tracker read the messages backup file and restore them in the phone inbox. You can retrieve back your messages with few clicks. Moreover, it not only restore the contacts but also, recover back the contact detail with the number and name. Either you need restoration of messages or contacts you just have to follow the few steps.
βœ”  Open the app and tap on the restore file
βœ”  Type the name of the file or contact
βœ”  Done

Your deleted messages will be retrieved back in your phone inbox.

Why is the app popular?
The reason for this app’s high rating is it’s easy to use interface and other salient features. These are:
βœ”  Quick retrieval or restoration of files
βœ”  Easy transfer backup to restore the messages in the inbox
βœ”  Automatically recover/restore SMS backup, and convert text and sale
βœ”  Has the ability to restore deleted messages and create its Backup
βœ”  Fast transfer messages backup system
βœ”  You can select a particular conversation to create a backup and restore it
βœ”  The transfer messages backup is shareable
βœ”  SMS backup assistant send the restore text update along with notification
βœ”  Allow one-click transfer backup
βœ”  In the restore app, it changes the SMS backup folder

How to print with the backup file?
βœ”  Download the EZ SMS Backup and Restore: Recover Deleted Message
βœ”  Create the backup of the file
βœ”  Now open the PDF file of the backup messages
βœ”  Connect the mobile printer. You can use the SMS EasyReader&Printer to print the SMS pdf file
βœ”  Tap on the print option
βœ”  Take a print to have a hard document of your messages

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9  Print From Anywhere

App developer: Nilhintech Lab
Offers in-app purchases: ???
Contains Ads: Yes
Google Play rating: 3,7 [Feb. 2021]

Nilhintech Lab

Print From Anywhere is another good app to help you take prints directly from your cell phone. Simply download the app and connect your printer with it and perform printing tasks. It allows the printing of documents, images, and PDF files. If you want to take print of messages then first make a backup of messages in XML format and convert in PDF. Then go to the print option and give a command to get a hard copy.

Some features of this app that make it useful for printing purpose are:
βœ”  It supports direct WiFi connectivity and works by getting the IP address
βœ”  You can see the PDF file preview by tapping on the PDF viewer icon
βœ”  Moreover, see the inbuilt image preview through the image viewer feature
βœ”  Lastly, the file manager allows you are browsing the local folders and files
βœ”  When you select the Direct Print options, you see the page preview. In this way, you can set the margin of the page or change its layout
βœ”  You can access your document by using DropBox, OneDrive, and Google Drive
βœ”  The app supports multiple languages, like French, Hindi, Spanish, and English

How to use it?
βœ”  To take print of SMS from Android first install this application
βœ”  The next step is to make a backup of the SMS you need to print
βœ”  Create the PDF file of messages you saved or send an email
βœ”  Now here click on the print icon and give a printing command

Point to ponder:
Before you print, make sure your app is compatible with your printer. It is because not all app supports all printer models. Therefore, don’t waste your time and first know about your printer before performing this task.

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10  NokoPrint – WiFi, Bluetooth, USB printing

App developer: Albafate
Offers in-app purchases: 0,99 USD – 9,99 USD for each item
Contains Ads: Yes
Google Play rating: 4,6 [Feb. 2021]


NokoPrint – WiFi, Bluetooth, USB printing is the best solution to get an answer on how to print SMS from Android. You can directly print images, documents, and PDF files from your mobile. Furthermore, you can take prints of webpages, invoices, boarding passes, receipts, and messages in PDF format.

Key Features of NokoPrint – WiFi, Bluetooth, USB printing:
βœ”  You can directly print from an Android phone or tablet by using the thermal, laser, or inkjet printer
βœ”  It supports a different format for images like WEBP, GIF, PNG, and JPG
βœ”  Allow printing of PDF files and MS office documents from Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
βœ”  Print multiple images in one sheet
βœ”  Print stored files, email attachments such as XSL, PPT, DC, PDF, and TXT. Moreover, it can print files from Google Drive or the cloud
βœ”  Print websites that it can access from the built-in web browser
βœ”  It allows printing from Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB OTG connected printers
βœ”  You can integrate with other apps using the share menu or print

More features to glance:
βœ”  You get multiple settings such as a number of copies, page range, paper type, paper size, output quality, paper tray, and much more
βœ”  You can preview the PDF, images, docs, and other content before you give the printing command
βœ”  Borderless photo printing on the glossy or matte paper
βœ”  Supports both monochrome or colour printing
βœ”  Duplex printing options
βœ”  Allow printing on Morpria compatible printers
βœ”  The mobile thermal printers support
βœ”  Compatible with both Windows, Mac, and Linux printer share

How to use the app for SMS printing?
βœ”  To print an SMS and keep them secure in hard form
βœ”  First, have a backup of messages. To create the backup use the SMS backup app
βœ”  It will create the XM format of messages. You can email it or convert it in PDF file or in TXT format
βœ”  Now open the backup file and select the specific messages you want to print or the whole file
βœ”  Now install the Noko print app
βœ”  Open the PDF file containing messages
βœ”  Connect app with compatible printer
βœ”  Now click on the icon
βœ”  Adjust the page layout, border and preview the page so it must be according to your requirements
βœ”  Tap on print
βœ”  Done

You will get your printed SMS or MMS.

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11  Easy Backup Restore – Apps Backup

App developer: AB App Studio
Offers in-app purchases: ???
Contains Ads: Yes
Google Play rating: – [Feb. 2021]
Website: –

AB App Studio

Easy messages Easy Backup Restore – Apps Backup app is the convenient phone text messages transfer app. It helps to create a backup of SMS and MMS quickly. Moreover, it allows sharing of the messages to the receiver phone. You can transfer the messages without losing data over Hotspot or WiFi. You can send your SMS and MMS from your friends, from your old phone, and share all text messages to your new cell phone. It takes just a few seconds, and you get all your messages back on your new device.

It uses the advanced backup assistant to restore all phone messages. It is an innovative app that copies SMS from an old phone to a new one. It preserves your essential notes and transfers them to a new device. It is a free app that allows the backup of messages and converts them into XML format. Then you can email it or convert it to PDF to get a print of letters. You have to follow the simple steps without any hassle and keep your messages secured.

How does it work?
The app follows the Google policies to create the backup of the messages. You can use the app and transfer the text by the QR code scan system.
For this, you have to connect the receiver and sender devices and get transferring of essential messages. Moreover, you can connect your printer via QR code scan and a mostly new one that supports this feature and directly takes a print of your messages. Keep your notes secure and safe. You will not miss a single statement by quick transferring and printing method.

βœ”  It offers the quick Backup and restoring of the messages contacts, call logs, bookmarks, and calendars to your SD card
βœ”  You can share APK files with your friends
βœ”  If you are changing your phone, create a backup file on your SD card or email it. Otherwise, you may lose data if the messages folder will be in phone storage
βœ”  After that, convert fie in PDF and print the messages you want to keep safe in formidable form
βœ”  It also schedules the automatic Backup
βœ”  Moreover, it can make a backup for voice recording
Getting the print of SMS from Android is no more difficult as this app will help you create the backup of the messages and then you can print your notes by having a PDF file or Email of these messages.

How to print SMS from Android
You can also watch my video on how to print SMSs from Android smartphone?
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Hopefully this article has helped you transfer, save and print your SMS text messages from your Android 4.x β€’ 5.x β€’ 6.x β€’ 7.x β€’ 8.x β€’ 9.x β€’ 10.x OS smartphone to your computer in a quick and satisfactory way. In case you would like to comment on the applications’ functionality, we would really appreciate your feedback.
Thank you!

The best performance of the SMS EasyReader&Printer app and website is on devices with big screens, such as laptops, PCs and tablets.

SMS EasyReader&Printer supports:
All smartphones with Android OS and Windows Phone OS Β» Microsoft Lumia β€’ Nokia Lumia β€’ HTC Desire β€’ HTC One β€’ Samsung Galaxy β€’ Sony Xperia β€’ LG G β€’ LG Nexus β€’ Motorola Moto G β€’ Huawei P β€’ Huawei Honor β€’ Lenovo Vibe β€’ Lenovo A β€’ Acer Liquid β€’ Acer Iconia β€’ Asus Zenfone β€’ Alcatel Flash β€’ Alcatel Idol β€’ Alcatel Pop β€’ Alcatel Pixi β€’ ZTE Blade β€’ ZTE Nubia β€’ ZTE Axon β€’ Gigabyte Gsmart and other.
All iPhones with iOS Β» 3G/3GS β€’ 4/4S β€’ 5/5C/5S β€’ 6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus β€’ 7/7 Plus and other.

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