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How to open VMSG file online containing SMS text messages?

04.11.20 - 

In this article I will show you how to open and view online VMSG and VMG files that contain SMSs and MMSs (*.JPG, PNG and GIF files), exported from a Microsoft Lumia smartphone with Windows Phone OS through the Microsoft standard embedded applications Contacts + Message Backup or Transfer My Data. If you easily want […]

Print SMS from iPhone

How to transfer and print SMS text messages from iPhone? 💬

10.10.20 - 

In this article I will explain how to transfer and export your SMS text messages from all iPhones (3G/3GS • 4/4S • 5/5C/5S • 6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus • 7/7 Plus and other), and explain how to manage and print SMS to your local printer. If you want to easily manage and print all or some […]

Email SMS text messages

How to email SMS text messages with SMS Easy Reader&Printer full version?

14.09.20 - 

With SMS EasyReader&Printer full version you can easily email SMS text messages, email SMS chat conversation and send all or selected SMS texts and MMSes (*.JPG, PNG photos and animated GIF) directly to your mailbox. In order to send SMS text messages by email or email SMS chat, you must export your SMSes and MMSes […]

How to print SMS text messages from Microsoft Lumia? 💬

21.08.20 - 

This is a short summary on how to transfer and print all or selected SMSs and MMSs (*.JPG, PNG and GIF files) from Microsoft Lumia smartphones with Windows Phone in a few simple steps: 1  Use Microsoft Windows Phone OS’s standard embedded application contacts+message backup or Transfer My Data. 2  If you don’t have this app, please […]

Print SMS Android with SMS EasyReader&Printer

How to use Android to print SMS text messages?

18.05.19 - 

How to print your SMS from Android? Here are some simple ways. With advancements in technology and particularly in the communication sector, letters and telegram have now become something of the past. Be it businesses, corporate communications, personal use, or bank statements, there is always an exchange of sensitive information over messenger applications or SMS. […]

Best app to print text messages from Android

Best app to print text messages from Android 💬

25.04.19 - 

App to print text messages from Android You will find a lot of apps for keeping a backup of SMSs for your Android systems. Although not all are reliable, some work best but stop without any reason. You can download the one with good reviews and keep the backup of SMSs and restore them when […]


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