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How to manage your SMS’s for your Windows Phone online and without a fuss


How to manage your SMS’s for your Windows Phone online and without a fuss

20.05.16 - 

How to manage your SMS’s for your Windows Phone online and without a fuss

Text messaging application for your Windows Phone. Try the new and only SMS management service for mobiles compatible with your Windows PhoneSMS EasyReader&Printer 💬.
Windows for mobile has come a long way. Based on the popular operating system to compete with the well known mobile manufacturers. This has seen much development in the sphere of mobile technology by the software giant. The Windows Phone is the successor of the Windows mobile and the Zune. It comes standard with the latest Windows operating system same as the Nokia Lumia.

SMS EasyReader&PrinterThe SMS Easy Reader & Printer is an online application for uploading and supporting different types of XML • MSG • VMSG • VMG • CSV • TXT file formats transferred from all smartphones with Android, Windows Phone and iOS. With SMS EasyReader&Printer you can easily READ • MANAGE • SEARCH • SELECT • GENERATE CHATS • VIEW STATISTICS • DELETE • CLEAN SPAM • EMAIL SMS TEXT MESSAGES • SAVE and PRINT your SMSs and MMSs (*.JPG,PNG and GIF files) from all types of smartphones and iPhones. The SMS EasyReader&Printer’s full version is the first SMS and MMS management app in the world for all smartphones!

This makes it part of the bigger family of Windows enabled phones. Having said so there is a downside to the phone. And that comes in the form of messaging. Messaging has been the driving force of creative development in the mobile space. This is because it is the most cost effective and simple way to communicate.
The most simple form of communication which most are familiar with is SMS. SMS’s has formed its own industry of its own. This is form of communication used by huge corporations and our mobiles are the receivers of this communication. The Nokia Lumia boasts a lot of great features, but there hasn’t been much done to its messaging features.

Most people will need to download added messaging services to their devices. Beyond the obvious space problems as consumers look to save valuable data. Many still rely on good all SMS technology. This technology has been around for decades from the very first phones without track pads. But how do you find important messages from the spam that you receive on a daily basis.

The Nokia Lumia has come a long way but there hasn’t been much development on the messaging service. Most online searches are looking for a solution to accessing the messages either to delete or print SMS from Windows Phone. Well the first way is to go back to your service provider but that has its own set of problems. The other way is to use your PC and sort it out that way. The best solution is the first online messaging program SMS EasyReader&Printer that solves the problem in under five minutes.

The program SMS EasyReader&Printer will help you do a rundown of all messages received and help you sort it out quickly. This is what we expect from mobile technology now a days is fast efficiency not days of scrolling. You are able to test the online application and if you want to use full features you can pay for the full service.

The services SMS EasyReader&Printer is the first SMS management application in the world. This sets it apart from having to take screenshots of your messages and then converting them into text files. There would be a lot of problems with this method. Plus the application allows you to print SMS from Windows Phone which is also a first. Normally it is difficult to print messages and requires a lot of other text editor applications. This online program is a one stop shop for all your SMS management requirements compatible with your Windows Phone.

The best performance of the SMS EasyReader&Printer app and website is on devices with big screens, such as laptops, PCs and tablets.

SMS EasyReader&Printer supports:
All smartphones with Android OS and Windows Phone OS » Microsoft Lumia • Nokia Lumia • HTC Desire • HTC One • Samsung Galaxy • Sony Xperia • LG G • LG Nexus • Motorola Moto G • Huawei P • Huawei Honor • Lenovo Vibe • Lenovo A • Acer Liquid • Acer Iconia • Asus Zenfone • Alcatel Flash • Alcatel Idol • Alcatel Pop • Alcatel Pixi • ZTE Blade • ZTE Nubia • ZTE Axon • Gigabyte Gsmart and other.
All iPhones with iOS » 3G/3GS • 4/4S • 5/5C/5S • 6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus • 7/7 Plus and other.

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