How to print SMS from Android smartphone?

How to print SMS from Android smartphones?

In this article I will explain to you how to print SMS text messages easily from all smartphones with our SMS EasyExporter for Android free app, SMS EasyReader&Printer free online web solution and SMS EasyReader&Printer SpeedPRO paid online web solution.

SMS EasyReader&PrinterSMS EasyReader&Printer is a free online application for uploading and supporting *.XMLMSGVMSGVMGCSVTXT files from all smartphones with Android, Windows Phone and iOS. With SMS EasyReader&Printer you can easily   READ     MANAGE     SEARCH     SELECT     GENERATE CHATS     VIEW STATISTICS     DELETE     CLEAN SPAMS     EMAIL SMS'ES     SAVE   and   PRINT   your SMS text messages and MMSes (*.JPG,PNG and GIF) from all kinds of smartphones and iPhones.
SMS EasyReader&Printer SpeedPRO is the first SMS and MMS management app in the world for all smartphones!

Detailed step-by-step guide for smartphones with Android OS (ver. 4,5,6,7,8 OS) you will find here:
Print SMS text messages from Android



If you are not familiar with technical and web online apps/solutions, then we can remotely support you. In the price 200 USD you will get from us final PDF file with your SMS text messages chat with indicated phone number.

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How to print SMS from Android

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First of all, you have to export/transfer all your SMS text messages from your smartphone with Android 4.x • 5.x • 6.x • 7.x • 8.x OS to a sms_android.vmsg file using our free SMS EasyExporter for Android app.

Download and install SMS EasyExporter for Android directly on your smartphone with Android:

SMS EasyExporter


You should better visit this site SMS EasyExporter for Android and do everything step-by-step.

Run the SMS EasyExporter for Android app, press   SMS EasyExporter for Android   icon and chose Export SMS to file. Then chose proper Android directory where you save your sms.vmsg file.

SMS EasyExporter for Android

Afterwards, connect your smartphone with Android OS with a compatible USB cable to your laptop or PC and find sms_android.vmsg file on your smartphone probably in …/storage/emulated/0/ directory and upload sms_android.vmsg file to SMS EasyReader&Printer using the UPLOAD SMS FILE button.

After uploading your sms_android.vmsg file to SMS EasyReader&Printer app, you will be able to view, manage, search, select, delete, save and print your SMS text messages stored in your smartphone with Android OS.

Now, you can print your SMS text messages using PRINT SMS button or you can search or select some messages and print them also.

Remember to remove your SMS text messages from our online database by pressing FINISH/DELETE SMS button.
We inform you that we don’t want to and we won’t store your SMS text messages on our server.

I hope, this article will be helpful for you and with my online web application SMS EasyReader&Printer you will quickly and easily print your SMS text messages from your smartphones with Android OS.
It is your time saving and stress free solution 🙂

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