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How to use Android to print SMS text messages?


How to use Android to print SMS text messages?

18.05.19 - 

Print SMS Android

How to print your SMS from Android? Here are some simple ways.

With advancements in technology and particularly in the communication sector, letters and telegram have now become something of the past. Be it businesses, corporate communications, personal use, or bank statements, there is always an exchange of sensitive information over messenger applications or SMS. So, whether you are communicating for business purposes, or simply getting your msg across, SMS and messaging become a hard-core proof for all conversations. Because these messages are so important serving as hardcore evidence, they mustn’t be lost. There are several ways of saving your messages and printing them is one way to go about it.

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While your messages can easily be backed up and saved to your computer so you do not lose important information, sometimes the safest option will be to have a hard copy as it will be useful in case of any emergency. Nothing can be safer than having printed copies of the messages right?

Importance of SMS printing

Whenever you have an extremely important conversation whether it is business-related or personal, the best way to keep it safe is to keep a record of the conversation. Sometimes, backing up data can also not be reliable. If you have saved your SMS to your laptop, and your laptop suddenly stops working what do you do? Such important information can easily be lost considering the unpredictability of these devices. Hence, it’s always a good idea to keep a print of important conversations for cases of emergency.
Normally there would be no direct way to print SMS from Android, but there are other alternative ways that can be used. Different ways can be used to print SMS from your Android device. These methods are explained below.

How to use Android to print your SMS

Here are some simple ways to print your SMS:

1  Using applications

SMS does not normally allow you to print directly from your Android device. Nevertheless, all thanks to 3rd party restore and backup apps, you can easily print from your device. While one example is a super backup and restore, other applications help you to print your SMS. Some others like SMS easy exporter for Android can also be used for this purpose. For use, you need to download the application from the Android Play Store. Grant access to SMS and contacts, and then print your SMS by connecting it with your laptop or directly. There are different ways to print based on the application that you are using.

2  Print with your Android using the screenshot option.

If you do not think that the process of screenshotting conversations is too hard and tiring, this method is the one for you. This method does not include the hard way of downloading the application and then using it, rather it is based on taking a screenshot of the conversation to be printed and then printing it from your phone. The simple steps of this procedure are as follows:
• Step 1: Use your phone to get a screenshot of the required conversation section.
• Step 2 Open your phone’s gallery and find the file there.
• Step 3: On the top-right corner there is a three-dot button that shows more options. Tap that button. You will find the print option there.
• Step 4: Tap that print button.
• Step 5: The image can either be printed directly or it can be saved as a PDF file and printed then.

3  Print texts from Android using email transfer.

Sometimes, a USB cable may not be available or can be hard to find. To save some crucial text messages, you can print using another method that is using email. If you want to know about how you can print SMS Android using Email, read the simple steps below.
• Step 1: Choose the text messages that are to be exported from the message application.
• Step 2: The share button is next to the trash button. Tap that icon and go to more tab. From that tap share > email. Once this is done write the prompted email address to send the chosen message to that email.
• Step 3: Then sign in with your email account. Then simply download the text message that you have saved.

4  Print using your phone companion.

For anyone who struggles with printing SMS from the phone, there is another solution. The easier way in such a case is to access your text messages on your laptop/computer and then get them printed from there. One of the easiest ways this can be done is to use the phone companion app if you have windows 10 on your PC or laptop. First, install a phone companion for Android on the phone, and a phone companion for the windows app on your laptop or PC. With this application installed on both ends, now easily print the messages from your Android. Here are the simple steps to be followed.
• Step1: The application on both your laptop and phone at the same time and follow the instructions to sync both the ends.
• Step 2: On the main page open the messages link on the laptop/PC.
• Step 3: Browse the messages to find the conversation that you would like to print.
• Step 4: The Android text messages will be seen on the right side. Simply take a screenshot of them can get them printed.

All the methods of printing messages from Android are not direct, because unfortunately there seems to be no way that this can be done directly. Although there is no straightforward way of printing SMS from an Android messaging app, there are a handful of workarounds mentioned above that can be used as an alternative. Message printing from Android can be very useful if you have any important conversations on your phone that need to be saved. To save your device from overloading, and using too much of the space, you may consider using cloud storage to save the screenshots.


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