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Printing SMS text messages from phone with SMS Easy Reader&Printer 💬


Printing SMS text messages from phone with SMS Easy Reader&Printer 💬

15.05.16 - 

Printing SMS text messages

In this article I will explain to you how to print SMS text messages from all smartphones with Windows Phone OS or Android OS.

SMS EasyReader&PrinterThe SMS Easy Reader & Printer is an online application for uploading and supporting different types of XML • MSG • VMSG • VMG • CSV • TXT file formats transferred from all smartphones with Android, Windows Phone and iOS. With SMS EasyReader&Printer you can easily READ • MANAGE • SEARCH • SELECT • GENERATE CHATS • VIEW STATISTICS • DELETE • CLEAN SPAM • EMAIL SMS TEXT MESSAGES • SAVE and PRINT your SMSs and MMSs (*.JPG,PNG and GIF files) from all types of smartphones and iPhones. The SMS EasyReader&Printer’s full version is the first SMS and MMS management app in the world for all smartphones!


Printing SMS text messages

I have a rather unusual problem. Namely, I have to print out or simply upload a file of Word or another *.doc text messages from Nokia phone. Is it possible, and if so, how is it done? Do you need any additional software? The case is important also count on help. Oh, and I would ask no questions: why do you need a printed text messages (print SMS from Android).
I am looking for a way to get out of your Xperia Arc S dump to your computer SMS and MMS and be able to print them in any human form.
From the top I say that MyPhoneMenager and MobilEdit not work – do not detect your phone. What is it I do not know, I just do not see it (and the standard SE program runs quietly – but there is no such option). I changed a setting of transmitting multimedia storage.
Unfortunately, it comes only free applications.
Please help, what else the application would do, or how to make already downloaded programs mean my phone.
The system is Android 4 of the pieces, as you will have to give a whole.
Check each application AirDroid. You can manage messages through pc but what has options do not exactly know.


Downloading the application on the phone SMS Backup & Restore

You create a copy of the security file in XML format uploaded into the computer.
You open it in Internet Explorer / Google Chrome / Firefox – any browser, you create a nice table, you can print out as you want, and by the way you have a division of whom.
Install the program on your Mighty Text, by logging on to their website all the text messages you have at a glance.
I urgently rip text messages from motorola defy (the first version), this case actually burning under my feet and google shows me the same dustbin. Please write what software to download for win7 and how to set up an android that have managed to rip tough and then print. Sorry to be so “secular” but my nerves let go and really needs help.
I have a case in court against his ex-wife. Receives divorce text messages about the “specific content”. Seeking a way or “magician” who, like the topic to help me print my phone texting while preserving the memory of the phone.
It may be hard. SMS can rip the phone to the computer via PC Suite. From what I know, this phone does not have USB, so only connect via Bluetooth or infrared. Unfortunately, PS Suite saves text messages in such a form that the content of pastes to the file name, and in the middle of the file, unfortunately, is a little “junk”. To print a nicely need a special program (do not know if there is one). And if there is someone probably you would have to write …
Once, I wanted to print text messages. Only way I do not know if it will suit you … I sent the entire case on the phone with Windows software (if it was Mio A501 on Windows 5), and there friend just had a copy functions content of text messages to a file, then enough to pass on to the PC. There is reportedly one way: You can, in some phones do something like Remote Desktop, and then you have access to everything on the phone using a computer.
And so my attention to just give it to your lawyer or to enter the mobile phone as evidence.
Should be enough Oxygen Phone Manager for Symbian phones (because 7650 is a Symbian) or Oxygen Phone Manager II Forensic Edition for Symbian OS
Alternatively, you can try Gammu / Wammu (a 7650 list of supported – you only need to upload the appropriate applet sis phone) although it is a little hard to handle. I once was playing sensational SMS from 5110 with details ie. The date of dispatch of the time from which no-u for which no gateway SMS, etc. to text files.

Evidence in court

The fact that even as you manage these SMS print is not any evidence to evidence in court on this matter can only be utter court expert in the field so the report phone number as evidence of the circumstances of one kind or another, and as court evidence allow it yourself send to the relevant authorities a request for the transfer of message text in writing to evidence in court.
The evidence in court, of course, will not “print the contents of the inbox,” but the phone itself or further information confirmed from the mobile operator to which evidence in court may ask. evidence in court’s decision may be different … the finding of the contents of your phone as evidence must be supported by something. Print is for information only. And depending on evidence in court evidence in the case can be accepted or rejected.
Thank you for past suggestions and patiently waiting for the next.
Well, I just offers you a notification to the network operator that is nearest your living room operator and there to present the case. Only then you need to have some support that is needed for a lawsuit because I should not spend it without you this print (probably will be defended that the data are confidential). That should solve your problem, and even when you have directly from the operator is in court right away will be a different look.
Your mobile operator provides such information only at the request of evidence in court. The owner of the phone does not provide such information.


Print SMS from Lumia 920

I need to print some important business SMS from Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows 8.1 have not found any option to transfer SMS to email, or to shift them to the computer.
I was looking for content text messages in your inbox on and onedrive and there also have not found it.
Tell me, whether it is at all possible. Maybe I missed something.
I miss the times when you could manage the entire contents of your phone using Nokia Ovi Suite, because it’s crap called Desktop Application Windows Phone can only move photos and music.
I suggest you do the screenshots of the important SMS messages and print them as ordinary images. You can set the white background in phone settings to save black ink.
This screenshot it’s better than nothing, the problem with long SMS, that do not fit on one screen and the conversations. If there is no other possibility is it’s better than doing a scan, or copying of the view display.
SMS messages can be seen by logging on the internet account outlook. You need to set the view of the conversation. In the upper right corner is the “Arrange by”. Messages should appear after you choose from the categories menu on the left. Of course, the phone must be enabled backup SMS.
But this method can not be seen in Outlook text messages sent and can not print a conversation. Does anyone have a patent to print the conversation?


How to back up your SMS and MMS messages in Windows Phone 8.1

I decided to bring some backup process SMS and MMS messages on phones with Windows Phone 8.1. Turning the backup does not make anyone a larger problem, however, in how messages are stored, and whether we are able to read them a question that is hard to find an answer on pages with Microsoft.
Creating a backup using the phone settings
For copies were made, we must enable the appropriate option in your phone settings. We must turn to go to menu > settings > backup > SMS. It should also pay attention to the period from which you want to save your messages. If we want to back were all the messages we have to choose any period.
Backup SMS and MMS phone settings
The backup will be SMS and MMS messages that are currently in our unit. If we remove some messages from the phone are also deleted from the backup. Backup messages are synchronized at a time when our synchronize Microsoft account.
Disabling the backup does not delete previously saved SMS and MMS messages. To delete messages from the cloud, you need to save copies of backup and delete messages from your phone.
An interesting feature in this method, the backup is the ability to preview messages on Just go to the site and set the visibility of the category Contacts (sprocket> Manage Categories> Contacts). It is also important to enable the grouping messages by conversation (sprocket> Options> Group by conversation and preloading news> Group messages by conversation).
Backing up using the application Provide my data or contacts + message backup
On phones with a memory card slot can also use the application Provide my data (built-in application in the Lumia phones), or the application contacts + message backup (for other Windows Phone 8.1). Just launch the application and select “Export to SD card”. Then select the items and click the “start” button.
Messages will be exported to the memory card and will be included in the file sms.vmsg, which is located in the following locations:
D:\ backup \ Data \ [date and number] \ sms.vmsg
In this way, we can make a copy of our messages and contacts. The prepared files can be saved on our computer and, if necessary, to record on a memory card and insert the new Lumia phone, which restore data using the application.


Copy of the contacts and messages onto an SD card or to a folder through contacts + message backup

Microsoft has released an update for the application contacts + message backup, which allows a quick and easy way to make a backup of our contacts and SMS and MMS. To date, the application can use only phone holders with an SD card but the latest Microsoft updates enabled to save a copy also to a folder on our phone.
The application allows you to backup contacts in VCF format, and text and multimedia messages in XML format to a memory card or to a local folder. Made a copy, we can easily return to the same or another phone Lumia.
Once installed, the application will not appear in the list of all applications – will appear as a new option in the settings of the phone. A known bug is incorrect restore backup phones Dual SIM – messages will be restored only with the first SIM card.
If you want to uninstall the application from the phone settings to move the date of the phone, eg. For the year 2300. After setting a new date should try to run the application, and at this point appears to uninstall.
The program is designed exclusively for smartphones running on Windows Phone 8.1. Application successfully installed also in Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 and appeared in the category accessories. I invite you to a free download.


Send SMS messages with the latest version of Skype

Microsoft today released an update Skype Preview fast circle Windows Insider. The latest version introduces the ability to send and receive SMS messages. Just run the application and set Skype as the default program for SMS messaging.
Skype Preview UWP with support for SMS
Today’s update Skype Preview allows you to send and receive SMS messages. When you run the updated version you will be asked as to whether we want to set Skype as the default application for SMS messages. If we decide that from this moment we can only use Skype. Remember that at any moment you can change the default settings of the phone. If your computers also have a test compilation of fast circle to the same Your message will appear on your computer.


SMS evidence in court in a divorce case

Audio, video, photographs, phone records, SMS text messages, e-mails, social networks.
The divorce can be presented as evidence photos, audio and video recordings, phone records phone calls, as well as prints sent e-mails and text messages, prints obtained from the websites of social networking for example. Photo placed on FB, records of conversations in chat rooms, records any messaging and any other multimedia and text. Evidence of these have the same power as all the others reported in the proceedings.
The other party may, however, challenge that is really it, and not someone else wrote the e-mail or led the conversation in the chat. Although the credibility and legitimacy of such evidence can be effectively challenged by the other party, it is the court, ultimately the power of evidence according to its discretion, based on comprehensive consideration of the material which has been harvested in a given case and decide whether to accept the evidence.
Remember, however, that the court in certain situations may not allow this type of evidence. First of all, it is in a situation where they were obtained unlawfully. Such is, for example, the use of wiretaps by individuals. Similarly, the recordings obtained using deception. It is worth remembering that there is a hierarchy of evidence. The court assesses the credibility and strength of evidence according to its discretion, based on comprehensive consideration of the collected material.
In theory, therefore, there are no obstacles to printouts from Internet e-mail, instant messengers such as Skype, photos from Facebook, SMS considered as evidence in the case, if so decided by the trial court, however, in practice, some of the evidence or the way they acquire, can violate the personal rights of third parties, and even constitute a criminal offense. Misuse of tools “spies”, which are available on the Internet, may not give the expected benefits, but expose unpleasant consequences. Can you use text messages in court? Divorce text messages.


My husband cheating on me. I learned about it while reading SMS text messages on his phone

May I on this basis to seek a divorce?
I learned that my husband cheating on me. I think that this situation lasts about six months. I found on the Send e-mail conversations, from which it follows. When I found out it looked through his phone. In it also found the text messages from the same person as the Send e-mail. Can I claim on the basis of a divorce? Whether the court allows such evidence, or threatens me any responsibility for the transfer of the evidence to the court? If the reader proves to the court that her husband had betrayed her, the court may decide on the basis of fault divorce her husband. The court, however, will evaluate whether, for readers, there was a permanent and complete breakdown of the marriage. Adultery is one of the reasons attributable to divorce, and the case law of the Supreme Court shows that even a single act spouse can cause permanent and complete breakdown (judgment of the Supreme Court of 24 April 1951 ref. No. C 667/50). In another judgment (November 20, 1951, ref. No. C 839/51) the Supreme Court stated that a marriage in which one person betrays the other, is not a relationship that deserve protection because of the public interest. We do not know exactly what was the content of sms-messages and the messenger Gadu-Gadu. However, in its judgment of 26 March 1952 (ref. No. C 813/51) the Supreme Court held that the mere binding of a spouse with another person emotional bond may be grounds to demand a divorce from his fault. Where in a particular situation, there was no adultery, but there were declarations of love and kisses, the other spouse may feel this behavior as breaking ties emotional and moral. In this case, depending on the specific circumstances, the court may be regarded as a major cause of marital breakdown. No provision of the Code of Civil Procedure does not explain directly, or evidence, of which asks the reader are acceptable. With art. 227 Code of Civil Procedure, however, shows that the evidence may be having all the facts to resolve the matter important. Certainly, evidence of betrayal will be important for resolving guilt spouse.
The court may admit evidence of film, television, photocopies, photographs and CDs or audio tapes and other devices refresher or transferring images or sounds (art. 308 of the Code of Civil Procedure), and the directory is not exhaustive (art. 309 of the Code of Civil Procedure) . This proves that the reader can use any means of evidence, even if it is not specified in the Code. However, it should provide evidence in such a way that the court found it credible. Proving betrayal by SMS or messages from MSN Messenger can be effective. But in the final outcome may also help other evidence, eg. The testimony of witnesses. Additionally, in divorce proceedings generally must be hearing her husband as a party to the proceedings (art. 432 of the Code of Civil Procedure). It is possible that the husband will try to refute the evidence, but you can try to interrogate him after receiving from him a promise to tell the truth (art. 303 and 304 of the Code of Civil Procedure). Ideally, the reader supplied the content of discussions with the Send e-mail to the court, eg. In the form of prints. Basically, the operator of MSN Messenger does not store the message so you can not get them from him.
Evidence of such discussions court considers reliable if it is convinced that, indeed, they come from a particular person. Perhaps the court determines that the confirmation of this will be needed expert in the field of computer science. When it comes to texting, the reader can not return to the mobile operator with a request for access to their content, because the operator does not have permission to capture them and store (Art. 159 para. 2 of telecommunications law). The court, however, may help in the assessment of the case on the basis of detailed billing, which can result eg. Number from which the message was sent and when. The only possibility that the message is recorded, the initiation of control operations of implicitly by law enforcement agencies, but in this case does not apply. In this situation, it would be texting prescribe or upload them to your phone, although the court may consider such evidence as unreliable. Therefore, it would be better, eg. The self-employed to contact the forensic and go to him with the phone (which, unfortunately, will require taking the camera man). An expert can examine the phone and draw up an opinion. Such an opinion and a hearing person who made it, can help wife in court. The wife can also go to the phone her husband to a notary to make this wrote of this event protocol (Art. 104 § 3 of the Law on Notaries). Notary can record the contents of a text message, and the protocol may also be evidence in court.
Regarding the responsibility of a wife for obtaining information about betrayal, it should be noted that generally the husband has the right to legal protection of his correspondence. This is due to the art. And Article 47 of the Constitution. 23 of the Civil Code. Stepping into the realm of people’s privacy is also contrary to the principles of social life and morality. This raises the question whether the court may admit evidence obtained in an unlawful manner. With the Supreme Court’s judgment of 25 April 2003 (ref. No. IV CKN 94/01) that, yes. In this case the evidence served recording recordings made without the knowledge and consent of the person being recorded. Lower courts have doubts whether you can admit such evidence, because of the manner of its acquisition. The Supreme Court held that, in this situation, call recording does not infringe personal rights. It was in fact acting in defense of the legitimate private interests (as the Supreme Court in its judgment of 19 October 1989., File no. II CR 419/89). Turning off the illegality of such a reason, although disputed in the doctrine (jurisprudence), so it is accepted in case law.
In contrast, the possible criminal liability for violation of the wife of the secrecy of correspondence would be associated with “overcoming or circumventing electronic security” (art. 267 of the Criminal Code). It does not necessarily always have to take place. It can therefore be concluded that the spouse could no worries such evidence to present in court. Please also read the service » Law » Law for you » Family » Marriage ». In it, among others, about marriage, separation, divorce, alimony, property of spouses in a marriage tax, finance marriage.

Cheating SMS

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Harassment SMS finally punishable. How to defend?

Silent phone calls, insulting text messages, including threats – is no longer just worry about the stars of film and television. According to the research Institute of Justice, already every tenth Pole becomes the victim of stalking. How to defend against it?
As explained by experts from the Legal Office Treasury, the stalker is a person who openly or anonymously persistently harassing his victim with causing her anxiety and intimidation. Hundreds of SMS, tracking, vilification on the internet or too frequent visits to the home or at work are just a few examples of stalking. Users of the development of new technologies stalkers felt until recently completely unpunished. Using the reserved telephone numbers or pseudonyms on the Internet for years oppressed victims. The latter have been passed so far only on themselves. With the help came, however, the Polish legislator.
From May 30, 2011. Victim of persistent harassment are a tool that allows them to defend against torturers. At that date entered into force the amendment to the Criminal Code criminalizing emotional violence, which no doubt is stalking. According to the art. 190a of the Penal Code., Criminal liability will be subject to anyone through persistent harassment of another person or persons close to it arouses in her circumstances justify a sense of danger or materially violates her privacy. For such behavior is punishable by imprisonment of up to three years.
Punishment to three years in prison threatens the people using the image of the victim, as well as his other data in order to cause him damage to property or personal. An example of use of the image of the victim may be impersonating the victim and announcing its alleged services in the pages of pages of erotic or establishment without her knowledge of personal accounts on social networks.
Stricter responsibility for the tragic consequences
But this is not the end of the criminal liability of stalkers. Research has shown that victims of stalking living in constant stress, succumb to depression and even suicide attempt. The amendment to the Criminal Code has been provided thus also aggravated the crime of stalking. If fact, if the offender as a result it carries out harassment will lead the victim to a suicide attempt, he could be jailed up to 10 years.
Prosecution of perpetrators stalking deal with the police and the prosecutor’s office. The request for this must, however, submit the victim. Changing the Criminal Code has also introduced the possibility of a decision by a court penal measure in the form of a ban on contacting the offender from the victim and restraining her.
Technological advances mean that the theory of global village a reality. New methods of communication to facilitate people’s lives, help while committing crimes and creating new kinds. It is good that Polish law appears to be flexible and adapt its standards to the changing reality – to protect citizens.


Stalking – harassing SMS

In the case of harassment via SMS, as in the case of stalking by other means of distance communication, eg. E-mails, messages on social networks, frequently asked me the question for customers is how many messages I receive in order to be considered is an offense of persistent harassment? After how many received SMS victim should notify law enforcement about stalking – ten, or maybe just rather two hundred? Not met so far in his professional practice to stalking rely solely on harassment SMS, usually also involves behaviors such as using a telephone, overlapping in the place of residence, work, questioning of the victim in her surroundings, but about proving very popular, and Consequently, in repetition recall as follows.

Harassment SMS

I have written previously (here among harassment phones) that the Penal Code does not indicate the limit, the amount of text messages or e-mails, after which the acts can be classified as persistent harassment. Understanding whether we are dealing with a crime of stalking, should be based on the circumstances of the case. Of course, there are proposals to preserve the data may be referred to as stalking only after a minimum of 10 acts (eg. At least 10 of those received SMS) for a minimum of 30 days, but this is only one possibility, not necessarily the rule. Sometimes enough already three weeks of harassment to the prosecutor’s office launched an investigation of art. 190a of the Penal Code. Sometimes it may not be enough even dozens of SMS.
Criminal offense of persistent harassment
Keep in mind that the acts that can be called stalkingiem must meet certain prerequisites. Act fills the criminal offense of art. 190a § 1 of the Criminal Code if:
> harassment by the offender is persistent
> harassment involves significant violations of the privacy of another person or excited in disadvantaged circumstances justified a sense of danger
As you can see the legislature does not require that, in order to preserve stalker brought with it an element of aggression. Harassment is first and foremost affects the realm of mental (emotional) of the victim. This does not mean that stalking can also rely on a breach of bodily integrity or cause bodily injury or health of the victim. We will then have to deal with so-called. fugitive of crimes, for example. confluence of art. K. K. 217 (bodily injury).

Penalties for harassing SMS

For persistent harassment SMS, for an act of art. 190a § 1 of the Criminal Code is punishable by imprisonment up to 3 years (by other penalties for stalking read here: Penalties for stalking). The victim can also count on redress for their grievances.

Block SMS messages from a stalker or not?

If you have the right material to report their case to law enforcement, you have eg. Printing text messages (print SMS from Android), and the messages of a lot over weeks or months, it’s worth considering just above the blockage of a number of pursuers. Today, many phones have the function block numbers, or you can ask your service provider so requests. As experience shows, the stalker often changes phone numbers, so this treatment may not be effective. This could, however, an argument in criminal proceedings that harassment significantly violated your privacy and therefore decided to take such a step.

Abusive text messages

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